For the past 20+ years, there is no other application in existence that builds a true pet community connecting pets, pet parents, vendor brands, and social media on a global scale. We are the first to build and offer this complete pet ecosystem – Fetch Ecos.

FetchCoins mission is “to create a new pet parenting standard”.  At FetchCoins, we are combining pet wellness and a revolutionary rewards program to create one global pet community!

 Our mobile app is connected to a smart pendant, to track and monitor your pet’s health and activity in real time (i.e. Fitbit or smart watch). Our machine learner, AI engine and private blockchain drive the reward system so that you can enjoy quality time with your pets while earning Bones in the process!

 Fetch Ecos will create a fun innovated way to allow your pet to engage with you via social media, while entertaining your friends and followers. FetchCoins’ long term vision is to create an interactive platform for pet parents, their pets and brands to engage one another. FetchCoins’ main goal is to promote an AI driven reward system – Bones. The creation and use of Bones provide benefits to brands, pet parents, partners, developers and vendors.

Earn Fetch Bones

Earn Bones for keeping your dog active by going on adventures, walks through the park or even around the neighborhood

Take pictures of your favorite products receipts and earn discounts on future purchases

Tag your dog and/or cat picture along with your favorite brands on social media and earn bones for your post.

Earn Bones by going on walks and play dates with other pet parents.


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